Proms and Wedding Dance Lessons

Do you have a special event coming up like a Prom, Wedding, Father-daughter dance and you don't want to be left out? Carson has programs for event dances of every variety.

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Availablity for Professional Dancing and Competition

Carson not only teaches students and coaches professionals, he is available for professional theatrical dance exhibitions and shows.

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Why Take Ballroom Dance Lessons?

With all the talk and the excitement about social dancing, the real question is: is there any reason you should NOT take dance lessons?

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Professional Coaching Available to DanceSport Competitors or Professional Dance Instructors

Carson Humphries is a recognized industry wide leader in the field of dance, especially ballroom, jazz and performance lift dancing. He is as passionate about the art of dance as he is about engaging and empowering other performers and teaching professionals. His goal is to motivate other dancers to stretch their boundaries, and experience not only artistic but professional growth as well. He has coached numerous competitive dance and pro/am teams, several of whom have achieved championship status.

The dance profession is a tough one, and many struggle with reaching their creative potential as well as their professional goals. If you are serious about your career as a dance professional in any capacity, consider scheduling an appointment with Carson.

Carson is currently accepting applicants for professional dance coaching in the Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Cassleberry, Winter Park and Greater Orlando area. He is a certified, bonded and licensed professional instructor

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